Full Depth Reclamation

Full Depth Reclamation:  Pulverizing existing asphalt pavement into the sub-grade to improve existing conditions.  This process recycles 100% of the pavement materials, increases the thickness & strength of the base, eliminates the risk of reflective cracking, and allows one to restore the geometry, profile, & ride quality of the road.  The biggest reasons to consider FDR are time & money savings.


Full Depth Reclamation/Cement Treated Base:  This method is excellent for the road reconstruction process.  FDR is followed by the grading, shaping, & widening (if desired) of the existing road.  After the road is shaped the cement is spread across the grade, mixed, compacted, & graded.  The strength achieved from this process can allow for reduction of the pavement section.  You can pave right on top of the pulverized material or if you need to match existing grade of the old road you can pull out the desired depth of new pavement prior to CTS. 

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