Lime Treated Subgrade

Hydrated Lime Slurry:  Only high purity high calcium or dolomitic limestone can be used.  Used to dry up, modify, & stabilize soil.  Immediate reactions include reduction in water content as well as flocculation/agglomeration of clay particles.  Long term benefits include a continued pozzolanic reaction between the clay & lime until recarbonation of the lime occurs.  By adding lime to clay soils you will actually change the chemical properties of the soil.  This process reduces plasticity, increases Ph, and reduces the swelling properties of the soil.  ARS employs the Hydrated Lime Slurry method which has numerous benefits over dry lime including the elimination of lime dust as well as the guarantee of full lime hydration. 


LTS/FA and LTS/CTS:  Typically if there is less than 7% clay present a lime/fly ash combination may be necessary.  Typically 1-3:1 Ratio of lime to fly ash is adequate.  The lime process is essentially the same except that at the time of remix you spread the fly ash or cement.  This process works very well when you are unable to achieve your design strength with lime only.

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