Structured Conctete

Poudre River Spillway Rehab. – Windsor Reservoir Canal Company, Ft. Collins CO.

HES was asked to evaluate the existing spillway / diversion structure which is the main offtake for the Larimer Weld Irrigation Company & Windsor Reservoir & Canal Company. After careful examination of the existing structure it was determined that the top of the diversion wall concrete was so deteriated that total failure might occur if it was aloud to weather another winter. Since it was the middle of October time was of the essence, water levels were down and colder weather would be fast approaching. The structure falls within the Navigable Waters of the US, thus requiring a 404 Permit; however HES applied for an Agricultural Exemption under the premise and based on our approach it would be a repair to an existing structure. The Core granted the exemption and the repair was fast tracked and completed in two weeks.


Woods Lake Offtake – Windsor Reservoir Canal Company, Eaton CO.

This project was constructed for WRCC and needed to be completed within a tight time frame due to the approaching irrigation season and contractual obligations for supplying water to Angles Lake. The project consisted of a new inlet structure & slide head gate, Parshall flume, energy dissipater and 250lf of 36" HDPE pipe. The design criteria was determined to be 40cfs. Given the quick timing of NTP and project completion HES built and installed their own Parshall flume. Project was completed ahead of schedule and under original budgets; WRCC received a $3,700 credit.



Cobb Lake Inlet Rehabilitation – Windsor Reservoir Canal Company, Eaton CO.

Hydro Environmental Services was retained by Windsor Reservoir Canal Company to complete construction of a new inlet facility. The existing facility was constructed in part during the 1930's and in very poor shape. The bridge and inlet needed to be demoed to make way for a new 20" CBC bridge and inlet / chute with energy dissipater. The ultimate design called for 300cfs dropping roughly 60ft within the first 650lf out of a total channel length of 1800lf. A 24/7 water diversion was need to accommodate shared access with adjacent irrigation companies, adding complication to scheduling of earthwork and structural concrete activities.

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